We offer support with a wide range of addictions for individuals. 

What you can expect from me?

  • You will be safe!
    • No record of your engagement will appear on medical records
    • You will not be judged
  • You will be treated with respect which means:
    • Your strengths will be identified and affirmed and we will use these to support you towards your better life
    • You will learn how you can be your own best therapist
  • We will identify your specific needs and develop a practicable, bespoke plan to manage those behaviours you are ready to manage now.

What I will expect from you?

To be you! No need for image management, this will be a safe space no matter what!

Might you have a problem?

How might you know whether your issue is a problem?

Take a moment to complete the relevant screen for:

If you answer ‘Yes’ to two or more of the questions, chances are you may have a problem.

What next?

To see an outline of how we might work together, please see think this link.

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