Anger Management

How can anger impact us?

Physical, Mentally & Emotional well-being

Anger can be a pervasive influence upon our lives.

Being in a consistently angry state means we have stress hormones coursing through our systems and this can be extremely debilitating – we’re in a constant state of elevated emotions and are denied a sense of peace.

The guilt and shame attached with behaviour we engage in when angry can in many circumstances make things even worse.

Some may attempt to manage this guilt & shame with substances or other behaviours and these efforts simply compound the issue for us and those around us.

Anger is simply an emotion; it is in fact a secondary emotion! We choose to be angry because we are feeling a level of distress; it might be we are hurt, vulnerable, frustrated et al and we use anger to try and respond to these distressing feelings. Anger is simply a sign there is something not right for us!

Let’s walk together to see what is causing the distress and how you could manage it safely.

Relational well-being

Those around us may tend to respond out of fear, rather than respect or love.

Anger can mean separation from the very people that are our best supports.

The increased isolation exacerbates the fundamental issues and may in fact lead us to become angrier – primarily at ourselves?

The impact of anger and violence upon children can be devastating!

Babies in-utero sense the world their Mum is experiencing and their brains develop and become wired to that world. This development continues post birth and frames how our children will form basic attachments right through to their adult lives.

Our core sense of self – our Spiritual well-being

What is it like to see fear in the eyes of our partner or children?

What does that do to you and your sense of self?

We each have a set of guidelines/boundaries for behaviour and to see us violating these boundaries has a significant impact upon our core sense of self – our spiritual well-being

Let’s walk together for a while as you begin to discover some that might be helpful for you!

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