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Using current best practice treatment modalities, we focus on empowering people to build and sustain their wellness and well-being by making positive lifestyle choices. 

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A plan for our work together will be developed with you and specifically for you to manage the things you’re looking to change. There are some fundamental components of a plan and some of these include: Reflection, Considering, Developing a plan to build your capacity.

Friends & Family

There may be many reasons for these presentations but recognise that someone with an ‘Addiction’ will almost always deny they have a problem, understate the seriousness of the problems or seek to justify their behaviour.


The EMA says that in fact Counselling and Rehabilitation are seen as a best practise first steps in the management of these hazards and risks. We offer Programmes to support employees to build their hauora (wellness and wellbeing) and make positive lifestyle choices

About Rob Francis

Accredited Supervisor | Addiction Practitioner

What I Do…

I walk with people who are thinking about and maybe trying to effect some change in their lives. See “Support with” pages for specific areas of expertise.

Who I Am…

I m a qualified and dapaanz Registered Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Practitioner and Supervisor (of other AOD Practitioners).

How Do I Do It…

I use bespoke application of proven current “best practice principles” and therapies to equip you on your journey

About Rob

My initial training as an adult literacy & Numeracy tutor woke me to the idea of working in the forensic field.

My first role was as a Programme Facilitator with the New Zealand Department of Corrections. We delivered psycho-educational and psycho-therapeutic programmes both in the Public Prison Service and in community settings to individuals and groups.

I then moved into the non-government field working exclusively in the community with a range of problematic behaviours and a strong focus on family violence. In this role I began to specialise more in addictions.

As an addiction specialist, I moved to become a Case Manager with Te Whare Whakapiki Wairua – the Alcohol & Other Drug Treatment Court – the initial trial of such therapeutic jurisprudence in Aotearoa New Zealand. In this role I was responsible for preparing treatment programmes to address a wide range of risk and need. It was here I began to expand my skill base into trauma informed care.

Still employed by Odyssey, I moved into a purely clinical role, Advanced Practitioner in the Odyssey Family Centre. This was a unique service offering residential treatment for parents with their children. I was also the resource link for trauma care. In this role I began to explore the problems associated with problematic use of pornography and other problematic sexual behaviours; these often presented especially with those who were using methamphetamine. It was also here that I began this private practice.

From Odyssey I returned to the family harm field, this time assessing and facilitating Ministry of Justice programmes to both groups and individuals. Here I also broadened my general counselling skills and worked with a range of problematic behaviours.

Moving completely into private practice was my ultimate goal and I did this in 2020 I continued to offer mental health and addiction support with Puawaitanga and other agencies under contract.

My current practice revolves mainly working with direct clients and some EAP support as caseload allows. Providing clinical supervision for other mental health and addictions practitioners provides a nice balance to my practice.


“I really appreciate the personal growth I am making, and it honestly is thanks to you and what you make me think about!

“Thanks for sending this information through and for all your help during our sessions, I got a lot out of it and your advice and guidance is already making a big difference to my life so thank you so much.” Thanks Rob.”

“Thanks for sending this information through and for all your help during our sessions, I got a lot out of it and your advice and guidance is already making a big difference to my life so thank you so much.” Thanks Rob,

“I must admit that coming from a 10+ year career in (which I really enjoyed, and became conditioned /acclimatized to), I knew it would be a challenge to reintegrate into a daily society that was very foreign to my norm. However, I underestimated how much of an impact that would have on my mental wellbeing, and how I project that on those around me.”

“I wondered how I would be able to operationalise this information but you have made it into really practical steps, thank you.”

I found our korero last night amazing

Thanks again.

Thanks Rob. I’m counting down the days and weeks till I can use your services again. I’m really grateful to have had all those sessions with you to help me have the resilience to stand strong in my convictions and use the processes available to me to shine the light on the truth. Which is not what my is used to so he seems to be finding it all rather stressful.”

“It has been both a very interesting and educational journey with you, and your guidance has been more valuable than words can describe. I feel I have also learned many things about myself, as well as an understanding that my message can sometimes be misconstrued by others due to my delivery, or their misunderstanding of the intent of my message (which is probably a result of my delivery). And that I serve myself better by taking time to read the situation before attempting delivery. In saying that, you made me feel very comfortable in being able to be honest not only with you, but also with myself.”

“I really appreciate the tools you have shown me to add timely checks and balances to my interactions with others.”