Family & Friends

We offer support for family and friends who are dealing with family or friends in active addiction. 

What might be some of the signs someone I care for has a problem?

Consider the following. Have you noticed them?

Physical signs

  • Physical changes including:
    • Bloodshot or glazed eyes?
    • Increased illness?
    • Unexplained injuries?
    • Abrupt changes in weight?
    • Changes in their skin, hair teeth or nails?
  • Taking more of a substance than usual?
  • Physical withdrawal symptoms like sweating, trembling or vomiting?

Mental or emotional changes such as:

  • Sudden changes of mood,
  • Increased aggression
  • Irritability?
  • Depressions?
  • Apathy?
  • Self-harm or suicidal thoughts?

Behavioural signs

  • Losing interest in hobbies, sports or activities that they used to enjoy?
  • Neglecting relationships or behaving badly towards those closest to them – possibly even you?
  • Missing important obligations like work or parental responsibilities?
  • Taking risks – driving whilst impaired?
  • Changes in their sleeping patterns and possibly increased fatigue?
  • Increased secrecy or isolation?

What have you felt in your joint lives?

  • Financial irregularities?
  • Growing sense of dis-connect?
  • Increased amounts of spam in your email accounts
  • Side conversations you are not included in?

What have you felt in yourself?

Have you noticed in yourself a sense of;

  • Fear of what may happen to them?
  • Obligation to rescue them from the consequences of their decisions?
  • Guilt you may feel from some perceived failure(s) on your part?

There may be many reasons for these presentations but recognise that someone with an ‘Addiction’ will almost always deny they have a problem, understate the seriousness of the problems or seek to justify their behaviour.

If you see two or more of these signs in someone you care about, talk to us today about what might be helpful for you both!

I am often asked whether someone can be compelled to attend treatment – see the section on Compulsory Treatment