Program Outline

A plan for our work together will be developed with you and specifically for you to manage the things you’re looking to change.

There are some fundamental components of a plan and some of these include:

  • Reflecting on your current well-being and initial consideration of what you could do to build it, should you wish to do so?
  • Considering:
    • Your vision of a better life for you
    • The skills and resources you bring
    • Identifying what may make it more challenging for you to use your skills and resources to achieve your better life?
  • Considering how you could build you capacity and skills as well as manage challenges so you can intentionally make progress towards your better life
  • Developing a plan to build your capacity
  • Building relationships and support that will strengthen your capacity to achieve your better life.
  • Practice new skills so they become helpful habits
  • Review and reflect on what is working and what could be improved
  • Build process of life-long safe reflection and revision of your plan towards your better life

We will also use specific strategies to manage those challenges you face as and when you are ready to look at these.