Pornography Screen

Have you ever?

  1. Do you find that you are looking more often at sexually explicit material?
  2. Do you find that the content that you used to regard as stimulating is now starting to look tame or ordinary?
  3. Are thoughts of wanting to look at sexually explicit material making it difficult for you to concentrate on other matters?
  4. Do you find that looking at sexually explicit material helps you forget your problems?
  5. Have you tried to cut-down or stop looking at the amount sexually explicit material but found it difficult to do?
  6. Has your searching for sexually explicit material ever caused problems for you at home or at work?
  7. Do you find that when you’ve finished looking at sexually explicit material that more time had passed than you had realised?
  8. Would you prefer to masturbate looking at sexually explicit material rather than engage in sex with a real partner?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to 2 or more of these questions then you may have a problem.