Thank you so much Rob for your all the information and support”

I face these challenges on a daily basis, but understand that both sides of this equation are a result of conscious decisions that I have made

Thanks Rob. I’m counting down the days and weeks till I can use your services again. I’m really grateful to have had all those sessions with you to help me have the resilience to stand strong in my convictions and use the processes available to me to shine the light on the truth. Which is not what my —— is used to – so he seems to be finding it all rather stressful. 

I have referred my colleague (and friend!) on your you and would be really grateful if you could do a prelim and then give her some assistance “

Thank you, this has been truly life changing for me!

“Thanks for sending this information through and for all your help during our sessions, I got a lot out of it and your advice and guidance is already making a big difference to my life so thank you so much.Thanks Rob,

It has been both a very interesting and educational journey with you, and your guidance has been more valuable than words can describe. I feel I have also learned many things about myself, as well as an understanding that my message can sometimes be misconstru
ed by others due to my delivery, or their misunderstanding of the intent of my message (which is probably a result of my delivery). And that I serve myself better by taking time to read the situation before attempting delivery. In saying that, you made me feel very comfortable in being able to be honest not only with you, but also with myself.

I must admit that coming from a 10+ year career in ———-  (which I really enjoyed, and became conditioned /acclimatized to), I knew it would be a challenge to reintegrate into a daily society that was very foreign to my norm. However, I underestimated how much of an impact that would have on my mental wellbeing, and how I project that on those around me.

I really appreciate the tools you have shown me to add timely checks and balances to my interactions with others.

I wondered how I would be able to operationalise this information but you have made it into really practical steps, thank you.

Again, I thank you for your guidance and assistance.”

“Thanks Rob. Was another excellent session, and thank you for those resources!”