For individuals:

  • We offer personalised Private Treatment plans to support you to manage the impact of:
    • Anger
    • Gambling
    • Pornography
    • Substance use – alcohol and other drugs
    • Violence at home or in the workplace
    • Individual support options are available face to face or online; location is no barrier to access!
  • Formal alcohol & other drug assessments
  • and, if you’ve been sentenced under Section 65 of the Land Transport Act 1998, we’re an Authorised Assessment Centre; we can assess your fitness to regain your license!

For companies our offer includes:


  • Employee Assistance Support
  • Customised workplace programmes to support your employees to make positive lifestyle choices
  • Customised workplace treatment services for employees who:
    • Have tested positive for alcohol or other drugs
    • Present with anger or violence at work
  • Formal alcohol & other drug assessments for employees who may be at risk to themselves or others