Workplace Health and Safety

A Court recently held that;

Employers are not only entitled but bound to monitor employees to see whether they come to work in an impaired condition. One form of impairment can be caused by the ingestion of alcohol or drugs” (Emphasis added)

But what do you do when a valued employee tests positive?

“The EMA says that in fact Counselling and Rehabilitation are seen as a best practise first steps”.

Counselling/Treatment not only supports the employee, it also makes good financial sense for you as a responsible employer.

We offer:

  • Employee Assistance Support
  • Formal alcohol & other drug assessments
  • Customised Workplace treatment services for employees who:
    • Have tested positive for alcohol or other drugs
    • Present with anger or violence at work

And, these programmes are specifically targeted to people who are otherwise functioning well in society.

We also offer customised workplace programmes to support your employees to make positive lifestyle choices so they are less likely to return a positive test! Check out this overview of a programme for your staff 

Contact us today and see how we can best support you and your employees.

You may also want to check out this Guide to Workplace Substance Abuse: Strategies and Treatment Recommendations (An Employers guide to Workplace Substance Abuse; Strategies and Treatment Recommendations)


What happens now?

  • You’ve tested positive for alcohol or other drugs in a workplace screen
  • You’ve been found to have been accessing/downloading pornography on workplace computers
  • You have a problematic pattern of gambling that may have also involved you stealing from your employer or workmates
  • You’ve been challenged on your anger or aggressive behaviours

Your employer may consider offering you a change to change your behaviour.

If you are able to demonstrate your willingness to change by engaging in counselling or rehabilitation your employer may even offer to support you through this.

Contact us today and see how we can support you and those you are responsible to and for.

What does it cost?

A 50-minute session costs just $120 plus GST