Hobsonville Addiction Services Limited offers personalised Private Treatment options.

Having worked for many years “as an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff” Rob Francis believes, and research shows, there is a better way!

Like most addiction practitioners Rob has worked with those whose lives have become unmanageable. Rob has worked in a variety of roles including;

  • Case Manager in Te WhareWhakapiki Wairua (Auckland Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court) and
  • Advanced Practitioner and Clinical Manager with New Zealand’s largest provider of residential treatment

Prior to building this private practise.

Rob knows most traditional treatment options focus on the problematic behavior and teaching strategies to manage these behaviours. Sadly, for many this approach is not effective and people living with these issues become caught in a repeating cycle of treatment, lapse, relapse and back for more treatment. Our personalised Private Treatment options are different!

Using current best practice treatment modalities we are firmly focused on empowering people to build and sustain their wellness and well-being.

Our services are offered face-2-face and on line which means you can access your tailor-made Private treatment option from anywhere!

Check out this video which challenges much of the common thinking about addiction.

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